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Software Engineer with 25+ years of development experience. She has built a variety of machine learning models for image, music, voice, and text generation, currently building at the intersection of climate, blockchain, and machine learning. She is a member of the Active Inference Institute’s Scientific Advisory Board, member of Celo Network’s Climate Collective, co-leader of KERNEL’s Regeneration Guild and an active contributor to five decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs): ReFi DAO for regenerative climate projects, pr1s0n art for inmate art, Algovera AI for decentralized AI, nfDAO for funding NFT projects, Meta Gamma Delta for supporting projects by women, and as a peer mentor for Gitcoin KERNEL. Additionally, she is a board president of Natives in Tech.


1995 “B.S. Engineering, Human/Computer Interface Design” Stanford University

1995 “B.A. Studio Art” Stanford University

2018 “Deep Learning Specialization” Coursera (five courses)

2018 “Specialist Certification in Creative Applications of Deep Learning with Tensorflow” Kadenze (three courses)

2021 KERNEL Block II Fellow

2023 “Mathematics for Machine Learning” Coursera (three courses)

2023 Starknet Basecamp, Cohort 4

2023 Active Inference Textbook Group, Cohort 4

Talks and Poster Presentations

2020 “Indigenous Machine Learning”. Natives in Technology Conference

2020 Co-organizer of NeurIPS Machine Learning for Creativity and Design

2019 “AI Art”. AI Salon, Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

2019 “Generative Art with GANs”. Santa Fe Artificial Intelligence/Robotics Meetup

2018 Holly Grimm. “Training on Art Composition Attributes to Influence CycleGAN Art Generation”. Poster Presentation at Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), Workshop on Machine Learning for Creativity and Design


Algovera, remote 2023 – present

Machine Learning Engineer

Astral Protocol, remote 2021 – 2022

Project Manager and Developer, Kolektivo Curaçao

Project Manager and Developer, MRV Collective

Project Manager and Developer, dClimate

Sustia LLC, remote 2020 – 2021

Project Manager and Developer, Questionator, Humanity and AI Conference

Project Manager and Developer, Imagen

Adecco, remote 2019 – 2020

Creative Technologist at Google Artists + Machine Intelligence

OpenAI, San Francisco, CA, 2018

OpenAI Scholar

(via Sustia LLC) Healthy Native Communities, Shiprock, NM 2003 – 2017

Software Engineer

(via Sustia LLC) OpenMake Software, Cerrillos, NM 2012 – 2013

Software Engineer

(via Sustia LLC) AmbientId, Gig Harbor, WA 2010 – 2012

Software Engineer

Youtility Software, Vancouver, BC 2006 – 2008

Software Engineer

Homeseekers, Albuquerque, NM 2000 – 2001

Software Engineer

Photon Research, Albuquerque, NM 1998 – 2000

Software Engineer


2019 The Soul of the New Machines Vasari21

2018 This AI system can adjust the contrast, size, and shape of images VentureBeat

2018 An Interview with Holly Grimm, Tensorflow Specialist Kadenze