Software Engineer with 20+ years of development experience. The last three years have been a deep-dive into Machine Learning. Built an art composition attributes neural network and successfully demonstrated manipulation of color, contrast and other attributes. Presented a poster on this project at the NeurIPS Creativity workshop in 2018. My recent work, Subtle Bodies, has focused on training U-GAT-IT on datasets composed of my paintings and drawings. I'm currently creating 3D models of the generated paintings in Blender.

Would like to use my proven skills in requirements analysis, software and database development in Web3 and Machine Learning projects.



1995 "B.S. Engineering, Human/Computer Interface Design" Stanford University

1995 "B.A. Studio Art" Stanford University

2018 "Deep Learning Specialization" Coursera (five courses)

2018 "Specialist Certification in Creative Applications of Deep Learning with Tensorflow" Kadenze (three courses)

2021 KERNEL Block II Fellow

Talks and Poster Presentations

2020 "Indigenous Machine Learning". Natives in Technology Conference

2020 Co-organizer of NeurIPS Machine Learning for Creativity and Design

2019 "AI Art". AI Salon, Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

2019 "Generative Art with GANs". Santa Fe Artificial Intelligence/Robotics Meetup

2018 Holly Grimm. "Training on Art Composition Attributes to Influence CycleGAN Art Generation". Poster Presentation at Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), Workshop on Machine Learning for Creativity and Design



Adecco, Santa Fe NM, USA
Creative Technologist at Google Artists + Machine Intelligence

  • Worked with five artists to apply machine learning in their art practice
  • Trained the following models: StyleGAN2, GPT-2, BERT, Tacotron2, Parallel WaveGAN
  • Python, Tensorflow, Tensorflow JS, Angular

OpenAI, San Francisco, CA, USA
OpenAI Scholar

(via Sustia LLC) Healthy Native Communities, Shiprock, NM, USA
2003 – 2017
Software Engineer

  • Developed a custom web application for Native American health coordinators to share updates on health activities. English and French language support
  • Java, Spring Framework, MySQL, Javascript, Solr Search, Selenium Testing, Google Maps
  • First version in 2003, completed major upgrades in 2005 and 2008

(via Sustia LLC) OpenMake Software, Cerrillos, NM, USA
2012 – 2013
Software Engineer

  • Distributed software build and workflow management system implementing remote command execution and event correlation
  • Java, Spring Framework, Spring Integration, RabbitMQ, Oracle, AngularJS

(via Sustia LLC) AmbientId, Gig Harbor, WA, USA
2010 – 2012
Software Engineer

  • Medical clinic data collection and graphical charting/reporting system
  • Java, Spring Framework, MySQL, Javascript, JMS/Spring Integration

Youtility Software, Vancouver, BC, CA
2006 – 2008
Software Engineer

  • A custom web application to support OpenID requests and user profile management for a Secure OpenID provider
  • Java, Spring Framework, MySQL, Javascript, Web Services

Homeseekers, Albuquerque, NM, USA
2000 – 2001
Software Engineer

  • Developed a commercial web-database application for the on-line delivery of real estate information
  • Java, MS SQL Server

Photon Research, Albuquerque, NM, USA
1998 – 2000
Software Engineer

  • Developed a commercial web-database application for the automated warehousing and on-line delivery of remotely sensed geospatial imagery
  • Java, C++, MS SQL Server



2019 The Soul of the New Machines Vasari21

2018 This AI system can adjust the contrast, size, and shape of images VentureBeat

2018 An Interview with Holly Grimm, Tensorflow Specialist Kadenze